Is your child struggling at school?

MINDWORKS boosts the skills needed for classroom success.


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Learning Problems Impact Everything

  • Low grades are disappointing for both children and parents.
  • Homework takes up a lot of home time and creates stress.
  • Tutoring doesn’t seem to help in the long run.
  • Calls from teachers are constantly worrisome.
  • The student has a hard time catching up to achieve at grade level.

MINDWORKS trains your child to learn easier and faster by boosting the cognitive skills needed for classroom success.

Give Your Child the Skills to Succeed

Over the course of ten years, this process has helped hundreds of students change the way they learn.

“My 10 year old son has been behind in school since starting kindergarten. After completing the Mindworks program, he is focused, completes homework with little help and is happier at school.”

– Debbi G.

Take charge of your child’s education.