Many large centers offer tutoring and some even offer skills training. MINDWORKS is a small private company where each student works one-on-one with the same certified teacher. MINDWORKS provides a relaxed environment so each student feels comfortable and ready to strengthen learning skills, think positively and experience success!

The MINDWORKS program provides cognitive skills training for students who struggle academically. Underdeveloped core learning skills such as attention, processing speed, memory and reasoning are often the cause of poor school performance. Public school education does not provide this type of training. Students lacking sharp cognitive skills are at a disadvantage, do not usually improve on their own and are often referred for special services.


        • One-on-one cognitive skills training
        • Convenient appointment times
        • Two sessions per week
        • Four-month completion timeĀ 
        • Payment plan with no interest and no contract
        • Guaranteed results

Marci Stuart

Marci Stuart has over 20 years of special education teaching experience in Texas public schools, from preschool through high school. The MINDWORKS program evolved from her experience working with students who had difficulty learning and achieving in the school system. It was further developed from her research in dyslexia, neuroscience and cognitive skills training.

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